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We can help in 3 easy steps………

  1. Pick your Auto-Enrolment Pension
  2. Give us the ‘Go ahead’ to help you
  3. Sit back and let us ensure you are fully compliant with AUTO-ENROLMENT.


CASE STUDY- One of our 'early staging date' clients.

 Here's what they have said..........

"After many years of professional service from Brotherton & Co Accountants, they have impressed me again by taking on and setting up the Work Place Pension Scheme for my company. Brotherton's have arranged and implemented everything for us and ensured we were up and running in time for the Government deadline. I would happily recommend Brotherton's to anyone who will be in the position of needing a Auto-Enrolment Pension in the future and I look forward to many more years friendly service for them.

Engineering Firm from Redditch

The employers STAGING DATE  for AUTO-ENROLMENT was 01.04.15

(this means the employer needed to be fully compliant at this date)


Here is how we helped this client..........

  1. We spoke to him 6 months before his staging date for AUTO-ENROLMENT. This is the date you need to be fully compliant. We recommend as soon as you receive the letter from the Pension Regulator, this is the point, ideally you need to start acting.


  1. The employer looked at options available for differing pension schemes and decided to use NEST as his preferred pension scheme.


  1. Here at Brotherton's we are a delegate for NEST which means we can set a NEST pension scheme  up for an employer as soon as we are given the authority to do so by the employer. We were able to set the pension scheme up for him with no real input from the client.


  1. During the months up to the staging date we ensured everything was put in place as it should be at NEST and all the necessary communications with the Pension Regulator were completed..... again with very little input from the employer. (We ensure the employer is the Primary Contact and we are the Secondary Contact)


  1. At the staging date we completed the first Pension Assessment and ensured all eligible workers were sent letters. This confirmed to our client's staff they were being automatically enrolled into the NEST pension if eligible. We also notified the staff that weren't eligible for automatic enrolment but were eligible for the option to be 'opted in' to the pension. Each individuals circumstances will determine if they are eligible or not and we ensure this is completed as it should be. Again, still nothing for our client to do.


  1. We then dealt with employee’s who wished to be ‘opted in’ to the pension scheme and employees who wanted to be ‘opted out’ and ensured again all the regulations where complied to. Any employee can opt out if they wish.


  1. All deductions, both employer and employee deductions were made when required and this is done when the payroll is processed. This is then carried on month on month, when we complete each pay run for the employer.


  1. To ensure payment of the pension deductions are paid on time to NEST we  usually set up a direct debit between the employer and the pension scheme at NEST. This ensures deductions are paid over to the Pension Scheme before the deadline. This can be set to the 22nd of each month but can be any day after the 5th of each month.


  1. We now make sure the pension scheme is run as per the legislation to ensure the employer is fully compliant with his obligations.


As can be seen from this CASE STUDY, once we have been given authority to act for the client  there is very little for the client to do. This takes away the concerns and issues many employers are worrying about. If you would like to talk to us and have any issues or questions which need answering please don't hesitate to call. We are happy to talk to clients and non-clients on this matter and are here to help and take away the pressure.

TEL:01527 68235

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