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Directors Service addresses with Companies House

1st October 2009 saw a number of major changes within the Companies Act. One of the changes was the introduction of a Service Address for Directors.

Effectively, for every directorship held, a Director must provide Companies House with details of their usual residential address, as well as details for their service address. If a Director doesn’t supply a ‘service address’ then the director’s residential address automatically defaults to become the address on public record. In other words if a director doesn’t supply a ‘service address’ then your home address becomes publically accessible by anyone who accesses the public records on Companies House.

A Director can choose any address as their service address, it can be a home address or perhaps the registered office of the company, or an alternative address. However, it must be an address where documents can be delivered and an acknowledgement or receipt provided if required. It cannot be a PO Box or a DX number.

Directors need to be made aware of this, so they can decide what address they wish to use as their service address.

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