National Insurance Contributions (NIC) 2015/2016


Class 1 Employed Contracted in Rates

Employee Employer 
Earnings per week%Earning per week%
Up to £155Nil*Up to £156Nil*
£155.01-£81512Over £15613.8
Over £8152

*Entitlement to contribution-based benefits retained for earnings between £112 and £155 per week.

Class 1A Employers13.8% on employee taxable benefits
Class 1B Employers13.8% on PAYE Settlement Agreements
Class 2 self employed£2.80 pw if earning over £5965 pa
Class 3 voluntary£14.10 pw
Class 4 self employed9% profits between £8,060 and £42,385 and 2% profits aboe £42,385

NIC Class 2 Registration – Within 3 months from self employment start.

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