Accounts Production and Year End Accounts

Limited Companies, Individuals, Sole-traders & Partnerships

Accounts preparation is one of our core areas and we complete your accounts with the skill and expertise you would expect. We ensure we have full schedules for all items in the submitted accounts to ensure full compliance with tax law and to ensure you are protected if HMRC have any queries.

As well as the statutory requirements, our systems are set up to provide all businesses with management information at the same time. This extra information is what sparks the discussion at the yearend and throughout the year and is vital in helping owners develop plans for moving forward.

This extra information is a key reason why businesses recommend us to colleagues and other business owners. It can be a revelation to some business owners and they often have information they have never had before.

Having information in this way allows SMEs to identify key areas which may need addressing and also allows owners to make important decisions when it is needed and not months after things have gone too far.

Key areas we look at are……….

Rolling Profit Figures,


Cost to sales %,

Director’s drawdown levels

And, potential estimated tax liabilities.

This helps business owners control activities, decide on dividend levels and help them determine what they can take from the business.

Remember, we have to do the accounting work at the end of the year anyway, so for us to do this at regular intervals during the year, costs you no more but brings all the extra benefits which many businesses just don’t get.

The only thing we ask is you are organised and work with us, so we can provide you with an excellent service all year round.

Please call us to discuss these options as we are always happy to meet for an informal coffee and discuss how this works… is then completely down to you…..we will never be pushy and the choice is yours if you think you could benefit from how we work.