VAT Accounting

Let us look after your VAT affairs.

We complete VAT work for many clients…

It can give businesses the confidence that submissions to the authorities are correct and as they should be.

Savings to be made!

We are always looking for savings for all our clients and VAT can be one of the biggest areas where a business could be better off. We can’t stress enough that a business should review it VAT situation…

We have clients say….‘VAT is VAT isn’t it? How can you save me money’?

There are many VAT schemes that have been introduced over the years, especially for SMEs. If you ‘tick all the boxes’ for one of these schemes there could be some major benefits and savings. We have seen this time and time again over the years.

These schemes operate differently from the standard ‘invoice basis’ or ‘cash accounting schemes’. We always suggest a close look at all the schemes by a business if it hasn’t already done so. Let us do this for you…..we are delighted if new businesses ask us to review this for them. Please note….. we offer a ‘no cost VAT review’ for any business.

Please call the office if you would like to discuss this – 01527 68235


Just one of many examples is where we went to see a potential client — we reviewed her situation and changed the VAT scheme she was on. The savings on just this one alteration made overall savings in the year that covered her accountancy fee over four times, year on year. Saving the business large amounts every quarter.

Remember, we review VAT for all businesses and we are happy to review non- client situations also, so please don’t hesitate to call for a chat on this area. Call 01527 68235

Expertise you can rely on

We have had years of experience on dealing with VAT issues in slightly more complicated areas such as land and property transactions, retailing and using retail schemes and overseas aspects of VAT. Also for businesses buying assets that fall into the CAPITAL GOODS SCHEME and businesses looking to Opt to Tax a property or are partially exempt traders.

Please call for any advice 01527 68235

The new VAT penalty regime means automatic penalties for errors unless you can show you have taken ‘due care’. Instructing an advisor is regarded as evidence of this.

Our VAT team understands the rules and their application. We can provide effective advice in dealing with complex issues, can answer your VAT questions and keep you informed on developments in VAT legislation and Customs’ policy.

We offer a full range of services for VAT accounting and can help you produce your VAT returns on a quarterly basis and ensure deadlines are met.