Insolvency Help

Whether you are a Ltd Company, Partnership or Sole-trader we have a range of skills and services to help guide you through difficult times.

We have trusted associates we work with in this field of work who are Registered Insolvency Practicioners.

We have built up a committed working relationship over the years with these insolvency experts and work closely with them to ensure the correct and most beneficial solution is found for any business in need of help.

One of the overiding issues that always comes to light is business owners leave it too long to talk to professionals when things get complicated and difficult. We always suggest talking to us as soon as possible. This would usually spark an initial ‘no cost’ meeting with us and one of our associates to discuss your situation and look at possible actions.

I have never known a case where after this initial meeting the business owner isn’t relieved to have had some input and help. They usually feel like they have had a weight taken from them. It is good knowing in difficult times that you have someone on your side and looking at the best possible solutions for your particular circumstances.

Please don’t hesitate calling the office if you feel you need to just talk a situation over – please ask for John …..TEL. 01527 68235

Services include:


  • Turnaround and Recovery
  • Administrations
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements
  • Receiverships


  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
  • Members Voluntary Liquidations


  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements IVA
  • Bankruptcy