Payroll Bureau – Operating PAYE in Real Time (RTI)

We operate a range of payrolls from the very small to the very large.

We are trained and up to speed with the new PAYE real time (RTI) submissions that HMRC are making compulsorily for all employers to submit every time they pay there staff.

AUTO ENROLMENT and pension assessments for most employers.

Auto Enrolment is here or just round the corner for many employers with many businesses having staging dates in 2015 and many more needing to be compliant in 2016 or 2017

Businesses are initially sent letters from the Pensions Regulator requesting a nominated contact. We can be this for you. We will then help you be compliant with your employer obligations in relation to Auto Enrolment.

Businesses need to mindful that there is no ‘SOFT LAUNCH’ with Auto Enrolment and all employers have a duty to be compliant with their obligations as soon as they hit their staging date. The fines can be very sizable.

There are also some businesses which may not come under the auto-enrolment legislation and again we can help you indentify what your actual duties and obligation are, so don’t hesitate calling for an initial chat. Tel.01527 68235

Many business have quite a lot to deal with and this may include actually setting up a compliant pension scheme. This is why it is recommended looking at this 12 months before your staging date, so most businesses need to act now.

Once you hit your staging date we would complete a full pension assessment at every pay run through the payroll to ensure you stay fully compliant with your duties on an ongoing basis. We would do this every time you paid an employee to ensure if any circumstances changed it would be picked up and the appropriate action was taken.

We can provide a dedicated payroll bureau service providing a range of services to meet your specific business needs.

We can deal with:

  • Administration and maintenance, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay records.
  • Administration of employee deductions.
  • All pay frequencies are operated and reported to HMRC in real time (RTI) i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, four weekly, monthly.
  • Payslips preparation including security payslips for total confidentiality, both hard copies and email versions available.
  • Payroll Banking Reports available to make paying staff more easier and quicker.
  • Deal with HMRC and DSS on your behalf.
  • Deal with employer and employee queries.
  • Advice on bonus and incentive schemes, remuneration and general employment matters.
  • Year-end statutory forms i.e. P14, P35, P60, P11 and P11D are produced.
  • Advice on deadlines.
  • Can help and advice on enquiries and investigations.
  • Assist with Construction Industry Schemes.

Our payroll management is a cost effective, efficient, dedicated and confidential service by experienced, friendly and competent staff.