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New Solihull Office at Brothertons

Here at Brothertons we have opened offices in Solihull to compliment our offices in Redditch. Please call in, it would be great to see you. Our address is 120C Haslucks Green Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands. B90 2EH Tel: 0121 289 4433


Why is it important to look at Digital Software before April 2019 ?

Vat procedures and rules are changing at HMRC from 01.04.19. From that date HMRC are closing the submission portals, used by most businesses for submitting their VAT returns.

From that date businesses will need to submit their VAT returns via a digital platform in order for the VAT returns to be accepted by HMRC.

Therefore VAT registered businesses need to react now to ensure they are compliant by April 19 and to ensure they can submit their VAT returns on and after that date.

Packages like SAGE, XERO and Quickbooks allow submissions to be completed in the desired format and we are here to help all business to not only get ready for this change in legislation but also explore all the other benefits which the digital and cloud accounting software can bring a business.

We are happy to talk to all businesses on this area and we are happy to provide a free 1 hour consultation and demonstration on how the software works and interacts with your PC, tablet and phone.

Please call the office if you would like to chat over the new rules or if you would like a free demonstration of the software.

Office- 01527 433 111

XERO update.

Here at Brothertons we are working hard to ensure clients can benefit from digital software and the efficiencies it can bring to their business. We are using the leading brands of digital software here at Brothertons and XERO is right at the top of the list for usability and functionality. WE LOVE XERO! and the people we show love it too!

We offer a free demonstration of the software here to anyone, so call the office on 01527 433111 to arrange a free hour so we can show you the Xero Software and how you can streamline your business. This is open to anyone so please call…. we will put the kettle on……. ready for a coffee and XERO hour.

Call 01527 433111

Digital Accounting at Brothertons

For more information on getting digital and using the cloud to maximise efficiencies please get in touch.

Next round of tax draft tax legislation published

The government has published draft legislation for Finance Bill 2018-19 which is currently open for consultation, and ‘continues the government’s commitment to a competitive and fair tax system’.
The draft legislation could affect a range of taxes, from Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) to income tax.
The draft legislation also outlines the government’s approach to the Making Tax Digital (MTD) penalty system, with HMRC outlining its intention to utilise a two-tier penalty model for businesses and individuals who fail to pay their tax on time.
The July publication of the Finance Bill 2018-19 draft legislation forms part of the government’s new fiscal timetable.
The consultation on the draft legislation will run until 31 August 2018. The final contents of ‘Finance Bill 2018-19’ will be subject to confirmation at Budget 2018, expected later this year in November.
We will keep you informed of developments.

Making Tax Digital for VAT

HMRC has published further information on Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV). The VAT notice sets out some further details of the MTDfV regime, which will ultimately require taxpayers to move to a fully digital tax system.
Under the rules, businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold (currently £85,000) will be required to keep digital records for VAT purposes using ‘functional compatible software’ and provide their VAT return information to HMRC via an application programming interface.
This notice explains:
• the digital records businesses must keep and the ways to record transactions digitally in certain special circumstances
• what counts as ‘functional compatible software’, and when software programs do and do not need to be digitally linked where a combination of programs is used.
The new rules have effect from 1 April 2019, where a taxpayer has a ‘prescribed accounting period’ which begins on that date, and otherwise from the first day of a taxpayer’s first prescribed accounting period beginning after 1 April 2019.
Please contact us for advice and support on the introduction of MTDfV.

Xero Advisor Certified at Brothertons

Here at brotherton we use the latest technologies within our accountscom platform which is our solution for cloud and digital accounting.

We use all the leading technologies including…..





Here at brothertons we are a certified XERO ADVISOR

If you would like to explore the new technologies available, we can offer you a free presentation of the software with absolutely no obligation. Free 2 week trials of the software are available too, if you would like to have a play with it and look at its benefits for you and your business.

We also offer free training once you come on board including visits and virtual training. Have a look at the videos on the website as these show the usability of the software and we are adding to these all the time.

Please call the office if you would like a free no obligation presentation of the software……evening appointments are available every week. TEL 01527 68235

Recording Business Mileage on Kashflow

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Managing stock levels on Kashflow

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Raising Quotes on kashflow and quick conversion to sales invoices

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Adding banks on Kashflow and transferring money.

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Debtors Control on Kashflow

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Seeing all Nominal Codes on Kashflow

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Bank transactions and basic bank reconciliations on kashflow

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Cloud accounting at Brothertons and free evening meetings

There is a real buzz here at Brotherton’s with the huge developments in digital software and new technologies.

We have made great strides with our digital platform accountcom, here at Brothertons. This is our platform for helping clients move into the digital age with their accounting and business processes.

After our initial open day we are now planning further dates for clients and non clients to come and visit us here so we can show them the great solutions we are offering through accountscom, using technologies from kashflow, Xero, SAGE and others.

Our catalogue of videos is now growing on our website, from short basic tutorials to more in depth webinars.

We hope all this will be of benefit to you and we are striving to help businesses embrace the technologies and provide all the resources to help move businesses forward.

If you are an existing business or newly incorporated we would love to hear from you and our evening meetings are available every week. We will call out to you too, if that makes it easy for you. These evening meetings are obviously totally free and we are happy to come and chat over your business, looking at all areas from tax planning to new technologies and how it can help you and your business.

Our number is 01527 68235 if you would like to arrange an evening meeting.

VAT on kashflow – Basics Tutorial

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Overview of kashflow accounting software – Basics – Tutorial

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Basics of a Directors Loan Account-Tutorial

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Brotherton and our digital platform- accountscom.

This week has been a busy one with Accountex at the forefront of the accounting world.

We are moving forward with the digital software options to all our clients using our accountscom platform and working with kashflow, Xero, SAGE and other software providers to provide the major benefits to all our client.

We have seen three newly incorporated clients join us here at Brothertons this week and all were looking for help with not just tax and business issues but compliance with HMRC and Companies House. We have helped with digital accounting, new technology software and free training in all these areas and this will be ongoing now as we move forward.

We hope we will be able to help you, if you are an existing business or just starting out, with all the issues that are necessary to be explored and solutions found when moving forward with your business……

Please call the office for a chat or to arrange a meeting……we are happy to call out to you and we are available for evening appointments too. 01527 68235

Creating Email Templates on kashflow

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Introduction to kashflow software and personalising a sales invoice

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Making Tax Digital Solutions.

We are working hard here at Brothertons to ensure all clients benefit from the digital environment we are moving into.

We will be working with all clients old and new to ensure they are not only compliant with changes in legislation but also benefit from the massive benefits that the new technologies can deliver.

Please call the office for any updates but be assured we are working hard on all aspects and if we haven’t spoken to you yet with regards the digital environment we will shortly.

We are using all leading software packages for our clients and our platform for the digital age is accountscom. We will be offering all clients help with new technologies and training will also be given so you can maximise the benefits of the digital changes. Sotware Pakages here include kashflow, SAGE, Xero and others.

We are off to Accountex in London this week to add to our offerings within the new digital world of accounting and will keep everyone informed on developments as we go along.

Making Tax Digital at Brothertons

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

VAT-Low Cost Traders

For more information on any topics covered in this blog video please get in touch.

Help with 17-18 tax returns

We are letting people know it still isn’t too late to come to us for help with their tax return for 16-17. (due date 31.01.18)

If you are struggling with getting this done and need some help we are happy to talk to you and take away the burden of struggling to get it all done on time. Please call the office on 01527 68235 and we will be happy to discuss your situation.

Restriction on interest relief for Buy to Let Investors

RESTRICTION ON INTEREST RELIEF for Buy to Let Investors is something we are taking very seriously at Brothertons. Even though the changes are being introduced over a 4 year period (2017-18 to 2020-21) so effectively over the next 5 years we are advising clients to consider this straight away and look at their situation in detail to ensure they are set up in the most appropriate way. Read more

Dividend Tax Allowance

From 16-17 new rules have been introduced which will affect the way dividends are taxed on individuals.

The tax credit which is currently associated with a net dividend is being abolished so there will be no more grossing up of a net dividend. A dividend tax allowance is being introduced which will make the first £5000.00 of dividend income tax free, no matter what level of income a person has. Any further dividend received in the tax year will be taxed at 7.5% 32.5% or 38.1% depending on if the income is in the basic, higher or additional rate band.Dividends within your allowance will still count towards your basic or higher rate bands and may therefore affect the rate of tax you pay on dividends you receive in excess of the £5000.00 allowance.

This will impact on many people and we are happy to discuss you situation on a one to one basis to ensure you remain as tax efficient as possible within the new rules.

Updates to Computer Systems

This week we have made some major updates to our computer systems. Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd, our computer and IT support guys, based in Redditch, have again done a great job and everything has been implemented smoothly and efficiently as we have always come to expect, over the 9 years they have provided us with IT support.

Saturday session on Auto-enrolment for Pensions

Our Saturday ‘Auto-Enrolment meetings’ have proved very popular and we have managed to talk to a great number of business owners and address their concerns and answer their questions on AUTO-ENROLMENT.

Moving forward we are extending the Saturday opening times of 11am-4pm throughout the whole of August, so please call the office if you would like to call in and have your Auto-Enrolment questions answered.

Tax on jointly owned property income

We had discussions this week relating to property held jointly between spouses and there are specific rules that should be considered if the asset is income bearing. If spouses or civil partners own property jointly, are married and live together, care should be taken. From an income tax perspective the individuals are treated as beneficially entitled to the income in equal shares. This means for example, if a property is owned jointly, even in differing ownership splits, not 50%-50% the income arising from this property would be deemed to be split 50%-50%. Read more