Business Development | Customer Relationship Marketing

A business must always be moving forward and marketing is key to any business growth and even just for survival. If businesses don’t build this into their systems there is a real risk of going backwards.

We have really helped many businesses think about this part of the business. We help them get some systems in place that will allow them to focus on their core offerings, but at the same time keep one eye on the need to market their ideas and brand.

Software is available at a relatively low cost and a good system can pay for itself, over and over. To push forward a business needs to be in control of systems for managing new potential clients. Making sure leads are followed up and call backs are diarised is a must and there is a constant flow of potential new business being generated. As accountants this is not our main offering, but as business advisors we take an holistic approach to helping our clients and this really is something we incorporate into discussions with clients when we are discussing their business….everything is linked and we don’t just number crunch the figures, we look at everything to help the business, be what it wants to be.

‘During the time of the gold rush, the people that made a fortune were not the ones mining for gold. It was the people selling the tools.’